Renato M. Silva
Renato is a highly trained Exercise Specialist with amazing skills of motivation. Silva’s passion for Health and Fitness combined with his wide range of expertise inspired him to create 2.2 Fitness, a unique and vibrant Fitness facility that intertwines fitness and entertainment.

Silva has been working in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years. He was raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and attended the University of Sao Paulo. A year after graduation Silva moved to the United States and leveraged his past success as a creative, motivated, and skilled fitness instructor to secure the top position at the Fitness Center of one the most prestigious hotels in South Florida. The Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa is where Silva devoted more than 10 years to developing his well known and unique style of training; which incorporates exercises that involve speed, flexibility, & balance, as well as muscle growth.

Renato M. Silva holds certifications in: Johnny G. Spinning, ACE and AFFA